Monday, December 31, 2007

Season's Greetings !

It is excellent all the participants have been able to have such a fulfilling band life through the anchorage of many people this year. On 23rd Dec. we had a good time at the mini X'mas Party ! while eating cakes. We concluded our activities in 2007 in a friendly atmosphere.

Unfortunately we drew losing number, so the annual event at the Mori-no Hall Hashimoto won't be held this season. However, we are preparing for the Music Party ! event in which many school bands will assemble and play together in Yokohama and Odawara in Feb. 2008.

We anticipate to have a great impression with many people through music in 2008. Hopefully we will have a good year !

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu Parade (M.B.Sirius & C.G.Unit)

On Nov. 3rd, M.B.Sirius and C.G. Unit participated in the Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu Parade.

It was a brilliantly autumn morning, as we marched from the Hotel Nampuso to the Tenseien into late morning. We went on to the Yumoto Fujiya Hotel and performed there as we arrived immediately. The audience cheered during the parade. We were warmed up with the beating time of their hands.

We enjoyed an autumn day at the beautiful Hakone resort. We would like to thank the people who came to see us and all of the support staff.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Halloween Festival (M.B.Sirius & C.G.Unit)

On Sun. Oct. 28th, M.B.Sirius and C.G. Unit participated in the Halloween Festival held around Sagamiohno Station on the Odakyu Line.

The weather was perfect after a typhoon. The promoter closed the street which is so crowded usually, and we started to do a run through there. The area became crowded with people by our sound.....Some people took pictures with their mobile phones, bursted into applause......Although it was just a public rehearsal, the players could have a good warm-up in a tense situation.

Under the vaulted ceiling in Sagamiohno station building, at 1pm, the crowd of people might have felt an impact just from the marching band costumes that they have never seen before. Many people and children who were wearing halloween costumes rallied around us. We started our show.

Many children and the promoters were wearing costumes, they enjoyed to make frequent appearances. We performed our jazz repertoires in the town decorated with halloween colors.

For the finale, we performed at the entrance of the Isetan Sagamiohno store, and then we went back to begin the parade.

This event was the first time for us in sirius, everything was new. The audience in front of us cheered during the show and we enjoyed this event so much. We would like to thank all of the support staff.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sagami Nebuta Carnival (M.B.Sirius, CG Unit)

On Sun. Oct. 7th, The M.B.Sirius and The CG Unit Sirius performed at The Sagami Nebuta Carnival.

Although the hot weather persisted to the end of Sep., it was finally getting cool and breezy, just on parade day. All the members got together in a gymnasium in front of the city government building and started the rehearsal. We enjoyed preparing for the show enthusiastically. The opening ceremony started at 4pm and we started to perform just before 5pm.

Every year various bands, drum corps, and the US army band join this event. The audience, as always, cheered wholeheartedly. It was the first show for the many rookies we have this season, and they were able to conclude the whole parade course. We were all satisfied with our performance. We would like to thank to those who supported and cheered for us from the bottom of our heart.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


OMB,SMB,CG Unit Sirius wound up season II (Mar.~ Sep.). On Sep.16th each group came together for a B.B.Q. party at the Ikoino Mori in Odawara City. We rented eight grills and splited up kitchen and fire detail, afterwards cleaning up a lot of left over food, vegetables and pan-fried noodles. :-)

It was very hot mid Sep. However, we were surrounded by forest and a stream located in the park, so we could enjoy it a lot, much different from a lesson. We were very quick to prepare and clean up, the result of goof team work.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yugawara Yassa Festival (OMB)

On Thu. Aug. 2nd, OMB articipated in the Yugawara Yassa Festival. This festival is the biggest event of the Yugawara hot spring resort area, with mikoshis (portable shrines) parading with shouts of "Yassa Mossa". OMB had invited SMB and CG Unit members to this event, and we enjoyed parading together. A cool wind had been blowing when the parade started in the evening. The temperature had been rising risen after we started the parade and our standstill show, however, no one folded up and we enjoyed this event wholeheartedly.

We would like to thank to the people who came to see our show and all of the support staff.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Odawara Cho-chin summer festival (OMB)

On Sat. Jul. 28th from 12pm to 13pm, the OMB participated in the Odawara cho-chin summer festival and had a standstill for about fifteen minutes at the Odawara Castle Ninomaru special stage.

The players performed in accordance with their individual colors; The OMB members put on dark blue polo shirts, Hakone 21 put on red polo shirts, the members of Izumi Junior High School Band put on fresh mint green T-shirts, the members of Kouzu Junior High School Band put on summer kimono, and the members of Joto High school Band put their stage costumes on. In conclusion, all the members played “Kawano nagare no Youni” and “Zip-A-Dee-Doh-Dah” together, with lots of cheering and clapping from everyone there!

(Participants: Hakone 21, Izumi JHS wind ensemble club, Kozu JHS wind ensemble club, Joutoh HS wind ensemble club)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Dynacity Summer Paradise 2007 (OMB,CG Unit)

On Sun. July 22nd, OMB and CG Unit Sirius performed at The Dynacity (a local department store) Summer Paradise 2007.

It was the fourth time for us to perform at this event. We played pop music mainly at a standstill for about forty minutes, and for the time, we provided an opportunity for some children from the audience to try the color guard flag with the CG Unit. They danced to the song "Believe" that OMB played to conclude the show. The audience cheered during the show which made our concert very delightful. We would like to thank the people who came to see and enjoy our show to the end.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Practice with Kotsubo Marching Band (SMB)

On Jul. 16th, we practiced at Yokohama Shiritsu Kotsubo Primary School. We had a good time during marching practice with The Blue Robins, the marching band of this school.

At first, all the participants were a little nervous, so.....we separated into two groups; a brass team and a perc.+tuba team, and tried to play a ball game ! Finally the perc.+tuba team won! (^^) We soon opened up to each other during the game and we then started to march, play, and ensemble together. It was a meaningful day.

The members of SMB enjoyed playing seriously more than usual. It was a good opportunity for them to explain a lot of things to the younger players, whom they have rarely played with.

In spite of the fact that the members of SMB were accustomed to practicing amongst themselves, it was quite difficult explaining to such a young group of students. They realized again the importance of leadership and the pleasure of music activities.

We would like to thank all the teachers and the parents who prepared for this opportunity just before the event.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Practice with Soyo Wind Band (SMB,CG Unit)

On May 27th, SMB (Sagamihara Marching Band) and CG (Color Guard) Unit Sirius had practiced together with Sagamihara Shiritsu Soyo Junior High School's wind band. We had a good time.

Even though the members of the Soyo Junior High School's wind band had no experience marching, they enjoyed to challenge the marching while holding their instruments in position ! The rookies of SMB joined and started the marching basics from the beginning.

The gymnasium was crowded with over 100 players screaming with enjoyment. Finally we tried to play a part of the music and march together.

We are truly appreciative that the Yumeno-oka Primary school offered their gymnasium. We would like to thank all the people who supported us and who prepared for this opportunity.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Parade of the 30th annual Yamato Simin festival (SMB,CG Unit)

On Sun. May 13th SMB (Sagamihara Marching Band) and The Color Guard Unit Sirius took part in the 30th annual Yamato Simin Festival.

The parade started at 10 am from the corner in front of the Yamato chuo dori library with 10 teams that included the marching bands consisting of approximately 550 people. We marched to the Promenade near Yamato station.

Later on, the Japanese portable shrine (mikoshi) that performed at another course at the south end of Yamato station, joined in the parade. I total there were 43 teams and 2500 participants restarted to parade from the JA Sagami building at 11 am. The parade then headed to the Hikijidai park.

The audience cheered heartily on the 2km parade course. We would like to thank to those who supported and cheered for us from the bottom of our heart.

Participants: Kanagawa Police Band and Color Guard, Sagami Girls High School Wind Ensemble Band, Yokohama Inspires Drum & Bugle Corps, Kugenuma High School Marching Band, etc…

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sirius Music Party ! was completed

Sirius Music Party ! , we completed our annual event without any difficulties. The auditorium was packed to capacity and the excitement had risen throught the show ! We would like to thank from the bottom of our heart the people who came to see our show, also those who supported and cheered for us.

Many performers with individual personalities assembled from different places again, and created dramatic memories.

On Feb. 17th the previous day of the event, we had a rehearsal at The Tokyo Polytechnic University gymnasium. SPMB-Friends (Shimizu Primary school Marching Band) arrived at 1pm from Fukushima, eMOTION BRASS arrived at 4pm from Osaka. The members of Sirius showed support and started conditioning, especially in preparation for the ensemble with all players. The gymnasium was crowded with so many people ! The ensemble music was fine tuned by Drum Major Yamamoto efficiently! The sectional rehearsal had begun, the upper brass section jabbered away, the low brass was extremely serious, the perc. section started to surprise others with a rendition of their own. It seemed like a boisterous party.

The bands checked into the hotel in the evening, then all the staff enthusiastically went to the banquet, with the members at their own banquet as well.

On Feb. 18th the party day had finally come ! Although it was raining from the previous day we believed the weather forecast report of it being fine in the afternoon. We hooked up with the hall staff and we started to prepare the setting of both the stage and the entrance. After the adjusting the lighting, the rehearsal of the each section began. All the players enjoyed the rehearsal, watched other repertoires, gave each other support, every section assembled and enjoyed chatting with each other, saying hello, taking pictures of each other.....they spent their time in their own way.

In the afternoon the ensemble of all the players was began. They were excited too much even though it was just a rehearsal, and because of this the coordinator became nervous. The color guards as well !(CG unit said after the show, they were more excited about the rehearsal than the performance.)

And then the dress rehearsal and curtains-up.

The show started ! The Opening piece was "In The Stone" by all the players. The audience began to clap their hands !!

SPMB Friends played The Light Jazz Show with their fine and pure sound. eMOTION BRASS was hot & cool, performed The Spanish Show and their 007 ensemble. M.B.Sirius performed The Jazz Show, The Perc. Show and The Space show. The show was rising with the colored stage because the 2 color guard shows were lithe and stylish. .

Many kids of the Hodogaya primary school and the Kotsubo primary school who performed at "Music Party ! in Hodogaya (Jan.28th)" assembled and they played our ending piece "I Go To Rio" with their own instruments which they prepared for playing with us. We all danced together.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The power of music and of the performers was great !!!!
It's impossible to explain how we got such a big applause from only looking at photos with descriptions.

The drinking party after the show was a great success !!!!
Although we were reluctant to leave there, we had to return to our own hometown after the event that had finished too soon.

M.B.Sirius and CG Unit Sirius enjoyed the first meeting with eMOTION BRASS of the year, and met SPMB Friends for the first time.

Everyone's dreams united to make our delightful memory. We will learn and sense a lot of things to realize the pleasant activities in the future to come.