Sunday, April 16, 2006

OMB: Tanzawa parade in Hadano, Kanagawa

Odawara Marching Band: Tanzawa parade in Hadano, Kanagawa.

We had a parade in Hadano, Kanagawa on April 16. Unfortunately, it was raining on that day. We gathered with a hustle and warmed up as we had planned, but the weather did not clear up.

At the start of the parade, an event organizer told us that we would be able to take part. However, OMB and two school marching bands had to give up on the parade because we worried that the rain would damage the woodwind instruments.

It was regrettable that we couldn’t participate, but we used the remaining time for a meeting and taking a group picture to preserve our motivation for the next performance and show. We are truly appreciative for all the people who cheered and supported us.