Saturday, July 29, 2006

Odawara Cho-chin summer festival

At noon on July 29th, OMB participated in Odawara cho-chin summer festival. We had a standstill for about fifteen minutes at Odawara jo-ka Ninomaru stage. (Participants: Ko-zu JHS wind ensemble club, Sakawa JHS wind ensemble club, Izumi JHS wind ensemble club, etc…)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Summer Paradice 2006 (OMB,CG Unit)

On July 23rd, OMB and CG Unit Sirius performed at Dynacity (a local department store) Summer Paradice 2006.

OMB & CG Unit

We have performed for this annual event three times. Instead of parading or marching drills, we played Japanese pop music in a standstill for about forty minutes. We encouraged some kids from the audience to join our show, which really got the audience excited. It made our concert much more lively, and we would like to thank to the people who came to see our show under the unpleasing weather.