Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Halloween Festival (M.B.Sirius & C.G.Unit)

On Sun. Oct. 28th, M.B.Sirius and C.G. Unit participated in the Halloween Festival held around Sagamiohno Station on the Odakyu Line.

The weather was perfect after a typhoon. The promoter closed the street which is so crowded usually, and we started to do a run through there. The area became crowded with people by our sound.....Some people took pictures with their mobile phones, bursted into applause......Although it was just a public rehearsal, the players could have a good warm-up in a tense situation.

Under the vaulted ceiling in Sagamiohno station building, at 1pm, the crowd of people might have felt an impact just from the marching band costumes that they have never seen before. Many people and children who were wearing halloween costumes rallied around us. We started our show.

Many children and the promoters were wearing costumes, they enjoyed to make frequent appearances. We performed our jazz repertoires in the town decorated with halloween colors.

For the finale, we performed at the entrance of the Isetan Sagamiohno store, and then we went back to begin the parade.

This event was the first time for us in sirius, everything was new. The audience in front of us cheered during the show and we enjoyed this event so much. We would like to thank all of the support staff.