Sunday, May 13, 2007

Parade of the 30th annual Yamato Simin festival (SMB,CG Unit)

On Sun. May 13th SMB (Sagamihara Marching Band) and The Color Guard Unit Sirius took part in the 30th annual Yamato Simin Festival.

The parade started at 10 am from the corner in front of the Yamato chuo dori library with 10 teams that included the marching bands consisting of approximately 550 people. We marched to the Promenade near Yamato station.

Later on, the Japanese portable shrine (mikoshi) that performed at another course at the south end of Yamato station, joined in the parade. I total there were 43 teams and 2500 participants restarted to parade from the JA Sagami building at 11 am. The parade then headed to the Hikijidai park.

The audience cheered heartily on the 2km parade course. We would like to thank to those who supported and cheered for us from the bottom of our heart.

Participants: Kanagawa Police Band and Color Guard, Sagami Girls High School Wind Ensemble Band, Yokohama Inspires Drum & Bugle Corps, Kugenuma High School Marching Band, etc…