Sunday, June 15, 2008

The 60th anniversary celebration of the Fuchinobe Preschool

On Sun. Jun. 3rd, the Sagamihara Marching Band and the C.G. Unit participated in the 60th anniversary celebration of the Fuchinobe Preschool, which is located in Sagamihara City.

We entered the hall where the children and their parents, over 500 people, assembled with our street beat, after which, we played our 7 repertoires. We added the introduction of the marching instruments and unique attractions with our performance. All of the children were excited to hear the pieces they already knew, as they crooned, sang, and danced to our music. We enjoyed it all together. We would like to thank to the staff of the Preschool who supported us and the audiences who cheered for us from the bottom of our heart.