Sunday, May 14, 2006

Parade in the 29th Yamato Simin festival

On May 14th, SMB and CG Unit Sirius took part in the 29th Yamato Simin festival for the first time. It had been raining since the morning; but fortunately, it stopped when the parade began. We sought to push ourselves to the fullest.

Because of the audience’s hearty cheers, we were able to perform joyfully and would like to thank them for their support. At Hikichidai park, there were a lot of food stands, stores, and events, including a standstill by the US Navy marching band, also known as the Orient Express. The parade started at 10 am from the Yamato station with 16 marching bands, approximately 600 people. Later on, the Japanese portable shrine, mikoshi, joined in the parade.

Participants: Kanagawa police marching band and color guard, Sagami girls high school wind ensemble band, Yokohama Inspires Drum & Bugle Corps, Kugenuma high school marching band, Midori form baton, Yamato scouts conference, etc…